Si terrà a Stoccolma l’annuale conferenza dell’Associazione Europea dei Consulenti Politici. Per maggiori informazioni: www.eapc.com

EAPC Conference 2007:
“Europe in a changing mood?”
May 4-5, 2007
Stockholm – Sweden

In elections all over Europe political balances have shifted and governments toppled, regadless of their affiliation to right or left. Europeans want change, but why, and to what consequences for political consulting?
But European voters do not only demand changes in governments. Organizations and industries reinvent themselves to stand up to increasing political pressure. The airline industry, previously regarded as a villain for the environment, is now quickly repositioning to become a proactive force in the environmental debate. What will be the role of such repositioned players futher on?
The changing mood of the Europeans, its opportunities and causes will be discussed at the EAPC annual meeting in Stockholm, May 4th-5th. The traditional Masterclass, a seminar day where students and junior consultants can benefit from 250 years of experience from political campaigning, will also be held in Stockholm the 3rd of May.
This year, the annual meeting is arranged by Springtime, one of Sweden’s major Public Relations agencies with a strong emphasis on personal influence as the preferred vehicle of communication. Last year the first Springtime office outside Stockholm was opened, in Beijing.
Springtime will also be what you encounter in Stockholm in May. The city, claiming the title ”Capital of Scandinavia” and by many considered to be the Venice of the North, will be at its very best with a beautiful contrast between ancient buildings, green leaves and a happy crowd enjoying street side cafés and the sunshine mirrored in the sea dividing the City’s many isles.


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