Re-boot globalization?

Mr Zuckerberg’s gave today an interview to BBC that comes alongside the publication of a 5,500-word letter he has written about the future of Facebook and the global economy.

Zuckerberg thinks that “A lot of today’s biggest opportunities will come from bringing people together – whether that is spreading prosperity or freedom, or accelerating science, or promoting peace and understanding.” At the same time he argues that there is a need for a new globalization that works for everyone because “A lot of challenges we face today are also entirely global – fighting climate change or ending terrorism, or ending pandemics, or when a civil war in one country leads to a refugee crisis across different continents.These are inherently global things and require a different level of infrastructure than we’ve had historically”.

We don’t know if he will become a political candidate in the future, but he doesn’t need it to be instantly an important political actor in the public arena.

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