A MoveOn for Conservatives?

Former Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) announced the launch of an Internet-based grassroots organization aimed at raising money and uniting Republican activists to take back and hold the GOP majority in Congress, according to a release today.
The new organization, comparable to the left’s MoveOn.org, is called GAIN (Grassroots, Action, and Information Network) and will be hosted on http://www.tomdelay.com, a blog that will feature comments from DeLay and other conservative bloggers and activists.
GAIN’s goal is to unite conservatives in “restoring American government to its constitutional roots and advancing the conservative first principles of order, justice and freedom.”
The site was developed and set to launch before the Nov. 7 elections, but the Republicans’ heavy midterm losses prompted DeLay to alter the concept to “reflect the need for Republicans to change course.”
“The Democrats didn’t win this election, Republicans lost it, and the most important lesson we can take from our defeat is that conservatives must act on our first principles,” DeLay said in the release. “We must organize and act to protect the very principles of order, justice, and freedom that are the touchstones of our nation’s founding, and that’s what the blog and GAIN will work to accomplish.”
The organization will strive to develop support in every congressional district, allowing GAIN to play “an active role in local, state and federal political life by effectively advocating for conservative first principles at every level of government.”
According to the website, members of GAIN will receive weekly notices and event alerts, insider political information on the 110th Congress, and the opportunity to participate in “monthly online strategy sessions” with DeLay and others.
“As the Democrats have clearly figured out, grassroots activism and communication are critically important components of any successful political movement. If the past two election cycles have taught us anything, it’s that a strong, focused, and activated grassroots network is key to achieving victory,” DeLay said. “This entire operation is designed around finding conservative individuals in each congressional district and motivating them to act on behalf of our principles.”


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